About Us - Craftsmanship

Marroquin Custom Upholstery is one of the leading luxury upholstered goods manufacturers in the country. Over the past 40 years, our company has expertly created fine furnishings for some of the most exclusive residences and high-end designers, including numerous AD100 firms.

Unlike other upholstery manufacturers, our skilled artisans construct each upholstered piece entirely by hand in our 55,000 SF workroom located just five miles from the Dallas Design District. We pay close attention to every stitch, seam, pleat and skirt – ensuring that every single detail takes center stage to exceed your expectations. Fabrics are pattern matched, skirts are hand sewn and cushions are always 50/50 down/feather fill for maximum luxury and plush comfort.

In addition, we offer complete custom capabilities and proven engineering skills to solve any complex project or create furnishings based on your own unique inspirations. Customize to fit into a niche? Break-apart to accommodate a tight installation space? Transform old furniture into new gems? Not a problem. Let us help you create something you and your clientele will love.